Many people have asked about Home Staging. In response this overview should help provide some information, outline the benefits, and review the process. Home Staging is a proven way to get top dollar for your home. Remember; the way you live in your home, and how you market it for sale are two very different things. Staging sets the scene by: 1) attracting real estate agents, 2) creating a model home atmosphere for the perspective buyer, and 3) eliminating the pricing concessions related to repairs and renovations.

What is Home Staging?

It is a marketing tool that helps sell your home faster and for more money. Like any product packaging sells! Do you find that you purchase items that are in a plain brown wrapper or are you drawn to ones in well designed colorful packaging? Does the well designed package create the impression of a quality product? The same is true for your home. By enhancing the visual aspects, it is more pleasing to the eye, stands out from other homes, and exudes quality.

What is Home Staging designed to accomplish?
The way you live in your home and the selling your house are two different things. Selling it and the space inside is what Home Staging is all about. The first and most important goal is having the buyer picturing your house as theirs. Staging creates a spotless uncluttered model house decorated to help the buyer pictures themselves living there. Remember, Staging is not decorating. To decorate is to personalize; Staging is depersonalizing.

What is the value and benefits of staging your home?
The first value is the impact it has on real estate agents. They are your first customer and are money motivated. Giving them something that is visually appealing will focus their attention on your home. They will remember it because they know is will sell faster. Therefore, they will show it more often; a simple cause and effect. Second a Staged home is one that appears to be defect free and well maintained. This eliminates the pricing concessions requested from buyers to remedy apparent problems. Last and not least the process will jump start your packing so moving goes quicker.

The Process
Staging is more than tidying up. It entails repairs, replacing items, and disposing of things. You should plan to replace worn carpet, door hardware, and fixtures. Get a set of towels, paint to freshen up, and give some attention to the landscaping outside of your home.

  • Walls: Clean, repair, and paint worn areas.
  • Floors: Clean, replace worn carpet, flooring and, remove the mats and runners.
  • Lighting: Clean, make sure all light fixtures work, put in brighter bulbs, and consider adding lamps to brighten the rooms.
  • Windows: Clean, replace old blinds or shades, fix or replace screens, remove heavy window treatments, and keep the blinds and curtains open to let in the light!
  • Collectables: Pack up these items to de-clutter and protect them. It also removes the personal appearance and helps to create the model home look.
  • House Plants: They should be lush. Get rid of the old or dying ones and replace them with new plants.
  • Closets: Clean and empty the closets and consider touch up painting. Replace old hangers and remove items to make them seem somewhat empty. Organize what items remain within them and make sure everything is hung correctly. Additionally, the items on the shelves must be organized.
  • Artwork: Reduce the number of pictures and items hung on the walls and on tables. Store your personal photos and memorabilia.
  • Kitchens: Clean and remove items from the counter, replace stove knobs and drip pans, fix leaking faucets, empty cabinets, don’t forget under the sink (no bug spray), and always have the trash empty.
  • Bedroom: Clean, remove excess pillows, blankets, and covers. Consider getting a new comforter or bed spread and take care of the closets. Don’t forget the pictures and personal items.
  • Basement: If it is unfinished, clean and de-cluttering will make it look like there is a lot of potential here. Set up a de-humidifier if needed.
  • Bathroom: Clean, replace toilet the seats, fix faucets, and get a new towel rack if needed. Don’t forget the medicine cabinet and under the sink.
  • Outside: Consider a lawn service to keep the grass cut, re-edge the beds, trim bushes, remove dead or dying plants, and mulch the . Take down the old swing set, replace those old hose reels and cover the old grill.

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