Meet Norma

“Style and color should frame our lives and beauty is all around us.”

A love of design was instilled in me at a very early age. As a 3rd generation seamstress the skills taught to me by my mother and grandmother opened up a world of creativity. Quickly, the effect that colors, construction, and design could produce captivated me.  This became an inspiration and the direction for my life’s pursuits.

As my professional career began the fashion world was my passion.  In New York City I managed an icon of the industry, patronized by the world’s elite and celebrities for our couture fashions and highly personalized service. My vantage point at the center of mid-town Manhattan offered access to the world’s renowned designers and their showrooms. Each one was an amazing world of style and color. From this beginning my love for beauty grew into a passion for interior design.

As time passed, friends and family sought my advice on their design projects. From this beginning Green Door Interiors was formed in 2001 as a full service interior design firm. It is dedicated to providing exclusive design supported by quality products, attention to detail, and personalized service.

Why my company is named Green Door Interiors is a question people often ask. The name signifies an open and welcoming place where my designs are combined with the talents of skilled artisans. In the same way a home is brought to life by those who pass through its door; the designs of Green Door Interiors are filled with the energy and talents of many.

I welcome you experience our elegant and personal design services at Green Door Interior Design.

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