My clients were looking for their dream home and found it down a winding road to a pebble circular driveway. They loved the rustic qualities of the stone fireplaces, Iron Gate and wide plank wood floors. The soaring ceilings and windows of the newer addition felt like a French Chateau, but needed warmth and privacy, while the original house was cozy and charming with the original fireplaces and woodwork.

Their exquisite collection of English and French antiques was coordinated in an extensive floor plan. In the grand hall living space we installed draperies custom made from voluminous yards of gold silk with accompanying swags all trimmed with handmade tassel trim. The two-tiered crystal chandelier was hung center stage along with sconces, fireplace lamps, and double chandeliers in the dining room.

The rest of the home was filled with handmade carpets on stone and wood floors and the windows dressed in various earth toned fabrics. The new kitchen cabinets were glazed to give them a bit of age and the final detail was the sumptuous balloon valances made from a French toile de Jouy fabric.